Learn more about our shipping process!

Learn more about how Game Room City goes the extra-mile to ensure your order arrives safely.

We want to protect your game.

We test and inspect every game before it's hand-wrapped in high quality packing and foam. Next, we box up your order in custom, high-density cardboard, and take a picture for our records. The picture that we take is a pivotal defense that helps insure your games integrity, here's why-- 


Why we're the market leaders in shipping standards! 


If anything happens to your game between the time it's picked up and the time it's delivered, we have proof that the damaged was incurred during the shipping process. Mistakes happen when games travel across the country -- but we plan ahead to get the claims taken care of fast.

This means we can ship you a replacement game at no cost within moments of discovering there's been a mishap. Not only do we protect your game with high quality shipping materials, it's our process itself that stands above the rest. 


We want to protect you.

We've told you how we protect your game, but the most important thing we do is protect you! We will teach you how to spot games damaged in freight and how to handle the situation, should it arise, with ease and grace. 

It's really simple actually - Inspect the pallet and box for any obvious damage (like broken slats on a pallet, holes in the box, or significantly bent box corners). If there is any of these telltale signs of damage, open the packaging and inspect your game on the spot. You need only look for physical damage to the cabinet or glass. If it's damaged, note the damage and mark the delivery invoice "Refused". The game will be returned to us at no cost. We'll take care of the claim and ship you a brand new game immediately. 


We want you to be informed.

We know it's not everyday that you order an expensive, high-quality piece of furniture online. Nor, do we imagine you have an extensive history receiving your packages via freight. That's why when you order from Game Room City, one of the first emails you'll receive from us will be about the shipping process and how to prepare for a freight delivery. 

We'll walk you through setting up your delivery appointment. We'll inform you of your rights -- like your right to inspect your game for damages before you sign for it. And we'll tell you what to expect in the event of damages. We want the delivery process to be as enjoyable as the game itself. 

 We're always looking to improve -- have an idea on how we can do better, comment below, call, or email us and let us know! 


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